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In order to make buying and selling simpler we operate with a shared purpose to constantly improve, learn and become better as people, as leaders, as teams, and as a company.


We strive for simplicity in every thing that we do. Whether it's building products, designing processes or growing our businesses we aim for efficiency and clarity. This keeps us agile and ready to face any challenge.



We know we're strongest when we work together as a team. We value what every individual at Distilled brings to the table and we welcome new ways of thinking. We listen to our teams, our users and our customers to create great products that serve our communities.

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Even as Ireland's largest marketplaces company Distilled has the spirit and agility of a startup. Our company is full of bold thinkers that have the courage and freedom to try new ideas, and we have the energy and grit to deliver projects on time, no matter what obstacles get in the way.


Passion is the fuel that drives everyone at Distilled forward. We encourage honest conversations, determination, and perseverance but we never compromise on quality. Everyone at Distilled strives to be not only better themselves, but also their teams around them.


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Distilled Design Chapter by Bill Tector

Bill Tector, Senior Design Manager — Distilled So what is a Design Chapter you might ask? Put simply, the Design Chapter is a weekly catchup where all of the designers at Distilled come together to share, discuss and shape the design function across each of our brands. The great thing about the chapter is it provides an opportunity for us to catch up with the wider design teams who we may not work directly with on a daily basis. We tend to discuss a wide range of design areas from Product Design through UX, UI, IxD, UX Writing, Graphic & Motion Design so there is always lots to chat about. And what does an average Design Chapter meeting look like? Well… the content is very much driven by the team and the weekly agendas vary based on what the team wants to discuss or share so they vary greatly each week. When anyone wishes to share their work, we always encourage open, honest and constructive feedback but also, we try to keep it fairly light hearted in general so that everyone feels comfortable to contribute regularly. I think the best thing about the chapter is to have the opportunity to take that time each week, and all the different ways we use it. Some of our recent chapters have included: - Peer feedback sessions on projects we are working on which is always really helpful in terms of iteration and process. - Trialling new softwares & plugins before a group discussion on the pro’s and con’s. - Identifying opportunities for learning & growth in the team. - Adding to and amending our design principles & processes. - Talking about all things design systems. - General design related discussion for topical things in our field. - Some light hearted team building games. The chapter itself is just the starting point for many design driven initiatives across the whole organisation. It’s also the starting point that enables us to continuously upskill as a team. In recent months we have all completed a certification in Advanced Google Analytics to enable us to become a more data driven team as well as some UX writing courses and we are already in the process of identifying how to keep our team constantly developing our skills. It has been really inspiring to see the passion, enthusiasm and commitment from the team to the chapter, continuously bringing new ideas, researching new softwares and industry topics for us to discuss. By doing this, I believe that it has even better enabled us all to do our best work. I’ve been the Chapter Lead for a little over 2 years now and it really has been a pleasure to facilitate these sessions, organise courses, coordinate software changes and overall just to be the voice for the wider design team to other stakeholders in the organisation. This type of peer led session is something I think we will continue to see much more of across different industries as it really has offered an opportunity for us all to grow on both an individual and team basis, all the while with a good few laughs along the way. Distilled Design Chapter by Bill Tector was originally published in Distilled on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Wed, 06 Oct 2021 10:53:19 GMT
Kasia O'Leary

Career Spotlight: Senior Engineering Manager

Shane Lilly joined Distilled SCH as he sought a change from his previous career. He is now a Senior Engineering Manager within the company. We caught up with Shane chat about his life, his career journey, and what advice he would give people starting out on the same career path as him. Tell us about your career before Distilled! After graduating from university with a Computer Science degree, I started out my career in software development with AIB in Dublin. I spent over 5 years working within the Capital Markets division of the bank, learning the fundamentals of software development while working with the Microsoft .NET technology stack. I was given plenty of opportunities early on to take responsibility — working on many different projects within the bank, dealing directly with business stakeholders, given the chances to upskill on enterprise products and use modern web technologies. A significant positive aspect of my time at AIB was the camaraderie and culture within the bank. I joined a graduate program and made lifelong friends who I still keep in touch with. After the economic crash of 2008, opportunities and investment within the bank became limited so I decided to move on and started in IT consultancy with an Irish company based in Dublin called MentecPlus (who have since been acquired and merged into m-hance). Here I was introduced to the early iterations of Microsoft’s Dynamics product among and working with multiple clients and industry verticals. A few years later I joined Codec, another Microsoft IT consulting business. I joined their fledgling Dynamics CRM consultancy practice and spent over 7 very successful years there, working with a core group of really dedicated, strong individuals, growing the business to be the leading Dynamics practice in the country. It was a defining period for my career with plenty of opportunities, particularly within my career, allowing me to move into a managerial and leadership career path. Life was busy but rewarding, working with numerous people and personalities and in a diverse range of business verticals — from public sector, to multinationals, to local SMEs. I also had opportunities to grow professionally in all areas of the company — sales, business development, strategy, finance and people management. Why did you choose Distilled at the time you joined? Ultimately what led me to seek a move prior to joining Distilled was because I wanted a change. I wanted to broaden my experience and I had become jaded working in IT consultancy for over 10 years. When the opportunity with Distilled came up, I was immediately interested. Working with Ireland’s most iconic brands, in a progressive and diverse environment, and the prospect of switching away from the Microsoft tech stack were all appealing to me. During the interview process, I really enjoyed speaking with everyone involved interviewing and they all reinforced my view that this was an excellent company to work for — the culture is everything that is presented publicly and the people are excellent in their roles and great to work with. What would be your advice to graduates just starting out their career in this field? I would say to anyone starting their career not to be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and embrace change. Tech is a fast changing industry, and I think it’s a great quality to be comfortable with the fact that you’ll always be a graduate in some area or another! I also think it’s important, whether you’re just starting your career or further along your career path, to really take advantage of all learning opportunities and listen to any feedback you get. What is the best piece of advice that you’ve received that has helped you get to where you are today? Early on in my career I was given the advice to “do what you say you’ll do” which I think has stood by me until now and kept me honest from over promising!

Wed, 29 Sep 2021 10:23:15 GMT
Kasia O'Leary

Proud Sponsors of Women in Tech Dublin 2018 & 2019


Proud Sponsors of Women in Tech Dublin 2018 & 2019

The Women in Tech conference brings together the most influential and thought provoking speakers who are champions in their perspective roles on a daily bases.

It leaves its 1,000+ attendees with the knowledge and inspiration to pursue their dreams, build strong connections, find a mentor, boost career potential and level up their tech skills. At DistilledSCH we embrace diversity and inclusion and are proud to be among the sponsors for this great event. We have been proud sponsors since 2018.

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Proud Sponsors of the South East Tech Meetup


Proud Sponsors of the South East Tech Meetup

The South East Tech Meetup travels around the Southeast giving you a chance to attend and hear some great talks.

Come along to hear some great talks, make new connections and have a great evening. We try to meet at least once a month with complimentary food and beverages each evening.

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"I found my first rental property ot the tender young age of 17 when I was at the very first stages of my professional career making the big move from Galway to Dublin. Daft has continued to play an important role in my life ever since, having rented every property I’ve ever lived in on Daft and eventually using it to buy our home.When the role with Distilled was advertised I immediately felt connected to it. During the interview process I was immediately sold. Everyone was so friendly, I loved the ethos and the culture of the company and the passion that everyone displayed for the company was infectious."

Orla Ryan
Key Account Director

"Everyone in Distilled is on one team, and you don't get that in a lot of other companies"

Fergus Mc Hugh
Product Team Manager

"From the interview I knew that the Distilled culture was exactly what I was looking for. You get to work on projects that you would want to use, and you can see clearly how it will benefit the end user. Getting that kind of real-time feedback from your users as a tester is knowledge that you can not buy."

Enda Brody
Mid Level QA Engineer

"The support I received from my managers when I decided to apply for an internal role was second to none. My manager did interview prep with me, gave me great career advice and even made sure to give me a pep talk before the interview!"

Lauren Battersby
Customer Success Executive

"I have loved working for Distilled over the years, especially during the pandemic when our “Housing Heroes” initiative provided accommodation for our doctors and nurses who needed somewhere to isolate during the Covid crisis. Feeling like I could be involved in something so important and worthwhile really made me feel honoured to be a part of such a fantastic team."

Val Sorohan
Senior Marketing Manager

"I enjoy the culture, the diversity and character of the people I work with and variety of work. At Distilled, I'm surrounded by a lot of smart and technically adept people - both brilliant software engineers and also non-technical employees who are excellent in their roles. I enjoy that it never gets boring and there are plenty of opportunities to add value. There is a rewarding feeling working together and helping each other to create software products which really help and empower people in their daily lives."

Shane Lilly
Engineering Manager

"I’ve been given all the tools and guidance needed to further my career in Distilled, but the most important thing has been the support given by my managers and leadership team with communication and confidence I could perform well in my new role."

Sayo Bittencourt
Product Designer

"I chose Distilled because it’s an Irish Company and its strategic direction is driven from Ireland, in terms of career development this was important to me."

Linda Farrell
Senior HR Business Partner