Donation to Irish Red Cross / Ukraine Appeal by Distilled

Amount Raised:


Message from Eamonn at this time:

“Dear All,

I've been watching the unfolding war in the Ukraine with a mixture of horror, disbelief and sadness as I'm sure all of you have too.

At this time I think it important to show our Ukrainian colleagues (Alex & Oleksii) that we deeply care about what is happening to their country and that we want to help in any way possible.

To that end, Distilled will be donating €10,000 euro from our CSR fund to the Irish Red Cross Ukraine Appeal to help provide food, shelter, water and medicine to those who need it.

Furthermore, the Distillers will be opening up a charity page for distilled employee donations. For any money raised, Brian and I will personally commit to double the amount. e.g. if we raise an additional €5,000 from distilled employees, Brian and I will add on an extra €10,000 making a total donation of €25,000 euro.”

So, we set up a JustGiving page and:

Employee Donations Ukraine -€10,510.00

Eamonn & Brian Donations Ukraine - €21,020.00

Also -  this year instead of sending out Easter Eggs to all employees as we have always done, we  donated what we would have spent on Easter Eggs to the Irish Red cross. 

So, the total amount donated for this was:

Employee Donations Ukraine -€10,510.00

Donation to Ukraine (Laura) - €10,000

Donation to Ukraine (Elaine) - €1,000

Donation to Irish Red Cross - Easter Eggs (Paula) - €2.470

Eamonn & Brian Donations Ukraine - €21,020.00