Local fundraiser for Aaliyah McCormick by Ray Broe

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In less than a year Aaliyah has gone from being a fun-loving child full of energy to facing a fight for her life.She still has that energy only a 7 year old has and we need to get her to 8 years old, then 9 and then 10.  Ray set up numerous fundraisers to help this girl's family and a lot of money was raised. We are very proud of Ray for all he has done. This was also featured in the Irish Independent:

Irish Independent Article on the event

Charity Element: 

Bucket collections in local businesses. Bag packing in the local SuperValu this weekend. Darts exhibition featuring World Professional Dart Champion Rob Cross on June Bank Holiday Sunday with raffle on the night.

Amount Raised: €6,000

The total raised through various other fundraisers was €16,053