Support for Pernambuco, Brazil by Sayo Bittencourt

Amount Raised:


With the support of the Distilled CSR team, Sayo decided to start a fundraising campaign, which was to help the victims of the tragedy happening in Pernambuco, Brazil, the state that she is originally from!

What is happening?  Words from Sayo on this tragedy:

“Currently over 90 people have died due to the heavy rains and floods and we still don’t know the final official number as hundreds are being searched for under the debris. Houses have been taken by the water, dams have broken and thousands of families are in need of water, food, shelter, some comfort … And many of them have lost absolutely everything they have. 

I used to work as a geographic and demographic researcher and I kept remembering the houses that will probably not be there anymore as so much I’ve covered were risky areas, many of them covered by videos shared on social media and the news already. It truly breaks my heart.

The capital, Recife, is the 16th most vulnerable city in the world to the consequences of Climate Change and the 1st city in Brazil to declare climate emergency - and over this last weekend we saw what social inequality + climate change can cause.  

On my gofundme page you will find links to various sources of news and I’ll update as much as I can!

If you can help my fundraising by donating even the amount of a cup of coffee, we would really appreciate it!


Sayo also made an instagram post for others to share the details

The money raised was added to the pot of a national emergency fundraiser back in Brazil focused on these issues