The Distillers Wellness Pledge for Pieta

Amount Raised:


Our first Distilled charity fundraiser was a massive success  We far surpassed our target to help Pieta continue their vital work in the area of suicide intervention and suicide prevention.

Also, in the lead up to the Darkness into Light event and in conjunction with Distilled wellness week The Distillers made the below pledges in support of taking care of your Mental Health!

  • Aoife: Go for a sunrise swim each morning.
  • Joanne: Go for a walk on lunch hour daily, and do the 7 days of Calm on our Calm App
  • Gary: My pledge will be to take a photo of something each day that I haven’t photographed before and post it online
  • Paula: My pledge is to do 7 days of meditation on our Calm App
  • Enda: Will Mediate for one hour a day. I exercise enough so this will be a bit of a challenge.
  • Andressa: Will exercise for 45 min every morning
  • Olga:  Go for a walk everyday